Why paw wax is good to use? 


We humans use boots, but our dogs don`t. They have only one pair of boots and we need to take care of those. 


With time paws may crack, their moisture level decreases and all this could cause pain when your dog is moving.

This paw wax gives protective layer for paws which moistures, protects and heals paws deeply. 

Paw wax provides an element of protection. Without paw wax, your pet's paws can become damaged by abrasive concrete, sand, ice, and salt and burned by hot pavement. Besides protecting your pet's paws, waxing also helps with traction. Better traction gives your pet better movement on slippery surfaces. Especially old dogs who dont have so much strength to stand up, better traction with the surface helps them to do that. 

Also its perfect protection of snowballs and ice which also can cause pain and uncomfortable feeling.  

Paw wax also moistures nails and gives them shiny look. 


How often to use? 



Just for soften your dog paws you should use it at least 2- 3 times per week. When paws archived good moisture level, you can put it on from time to time. Moderation is key.


To protect paws from different weather conditions (to moist, heat, snow, ice, hot sand etc) you can use it daily also.



This is 100% organic and pure natural mixture which contains Estonian raw material also. 

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, calendula oil, beeswax, unrefined shea butter, CPTG graded lavender essential oil.


Beeswax keeps away too much moisture and heat, coconut oil moisturizes and is with antibacterial effect, calendula oil heals and repairs already cracked paws, lavender oil calms body cells. 


Side effects (skin irritation) may occur if the amounts are overdosed.

Keep away from sunlight, keep closed at room temperature, out of reach of children. Use only as intended. Not for internal use!

Best before: 3 months after opening.

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