What are essential oils?

Essential oils are oils pressed from pure plants. 

Moving from chemistry to nature is a very welcome step. Each essential oil contains special active ingredients that affect the body and psyche. They are all antiseptic and stimulate the immune system. They fight viruses, bacteria, various fungal diseases, tumors, irritants. Essential oils are phytochemicals that are not water-based. Although they are fat-soluble, they do not contain lipids or fatty acids, which means that they are absorbed into the body immediately.

Essential oils are obtained from the roots, flowers, leaves, branches, seeds of various plants. It is a common misconception that all essential oils are dangerous and toxic to dogs. It is not like that. There are certain oils that are not suitable for dogs and others that are. Awareness is the foundation of everything.

What do essential oils do?

Essential oils are very intense and have a powerful effect. They heal emotional and energetic patterns in both dogs and dog owners. Essential oils are great companions on an animal's healing journey. These oils support mental, physical, spiritual and emotional balance and well-being. Essential oils have the ability to influence the functioning of the central nervous system, limbic system, emotional, traumatic and behavioral patterns.

With the conscious use of oils, they help to change behavioral patterns, restore physical and mental health.

When creating the oil blends, I relied on the research and books of renowned veterinarian Mia K. Frezzo and biologist, reflexologist Jan C. Jeremias, as well as my own massage practice. For oil blends, I use only natural ingredients, certified essential oils with the purest composition. Also, the best for essential oil blends is FCO Fractionated Pure Coconut Oil, which helps the oils absorb into the skin instantly.

Do not allow the dog to lick the oil off its body immediately. If they do it, nothing terrible will happen to them, oils will still enter the body. It's not poisonous!

Essential oils are meant to be a form of natural therapy that can improve your dog's condition and in some cases completely heal it. Essential oils have no side effects.

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