"Stress moves through the leash"

100% natural products

Essential oils are oils pressed from pure plants. Moving from chemistry to nature is a very welcome step. Each essential oil contains special active ingredients that affect the body and psyche. They are all antiseptic and stimulate the immune system.

VET Approved

Easy to use


Made in Estonia

All natural



Quality is priority

Loomale Pai is a brand that aims to nurture the body in every way. The quality of product ingredients is a matter of the heart.

  • All products are 100% handmade. Only that way we can guarantee full control over the composition and quality of the products.
  • All ingredients come from suppliers with quality labels, degrees or from local Estonian farms. We also use all products on our dogs-  we know exactly where they come from and what they contain.
  • No compromises are made in quality. We could use very cheap and fake essential oils or over processed ingredients in our blends. Real PURE essential oil products are hard to process and methods are expensive. But pure ingredients are important to us.

Essential oils are good helpers

Essential oils have a powerful effect. While humans have nearly 5 million odor receptors, dogs have 125-250 million odor receptors, which means that dogs smell many times better than humans. This does not mean that essential oils harm their sense of smell - they don't. They just feel these smells more intensely.

  • Essential oils have the ability to heal emotional and energetic patterns in both dogs and dog owners. They are excellent companions on the animal's healing journey, reducing anxiety, pain, physical ailments.
  • The oils support mental, physical emotional balance and well-being.
  • Essential oils have the ability to influence the functioning of the central nervous and limbic system.

Science supports

Our recepies and ingrediences are influenced by world known vetenarian dr Mia Frezzo and clinical research scientist Jan K. Jeremias. Also dr Janet Roark practice and trainings have contributed to the development of our products.


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